Commuter Profile

Shawn Smith: Environmental Hero

Chesapeake Bay Local Assistance Department
Principal Environmental Planner

Meet Shawn Smith, local commuter and environmental superhero! We caught up with Shawn at the Chesapeake Bay Local Assistance Department, where she's been working for 12 years as a Principal Environmental Planner. Like a true environmentalist should, Shawn commutes to work every day by bike. She prefers two-wheel travel after discovering its incredible benefits, like minimal maintenance expenses and lower insurance costs.

After four years of biking to work, Shawn's co-workers know her early morning routine - racing into the office building in her commuting attire, only to emerge moments later in her career clothes, ready to begin her day.

How does Shawn do it - over eight miles by bike every day? "It's faster. I wear a helmet, and I've got a headlight and flasher on my bike. And it sure wakes you up in the morning!" she laughs. That kind of perseverance is also helping her do her part in saving the environment. Now that's one inspirational balancing act by a true RideFinders hero!


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