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Cost Calculator
Meet Cost Calculator

Her friends say that she is "the closest thing to a human computer on the face of the earth". She can crunch numbers and come up with statistics and percentages in seconds. Calculator is the "brain" of the group, often found at Team headquarters, writing equations all over the blackboards, always seraching for solutions. With her head always in the books, Calculator's social skills may be lacking. But, when the chips are down and all else fails, the Cost Calculator has been able to save the Team with her statistics and give them that lucky break they sometimes need.

Let's crunch the numbers together.

Think of the money you spend every day while sitting in traffic and simply driving to and from work ... tolls, parking in expensive garages, speeding up the wear and tear on your car, and paying for gas. Commuting costs takes a toll on your wallet, your car, and the environment. You can estimate how much you can save by using "green" transportation choices like carpooling, vanpooling, taking transit, riding your bike or walking and teleworking. Use the cost calculator and I'll show you how! Cost Calculator

I'm ready to start carpooling or vanpooling. Find me a carpool or vanpool match.

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