ConnectingVA Ride Home Reward Program

Most people who commute alone to work because they worry that by sharing a ride and then receiving that dreaded phone call while at work, which could leave them without a ride home.  This is an unexpected event – family emergency, unscheduled overtime, sick child at school or elder parent(s), or you yourself face an illness at work? This program will help ease your worry.

If you are a full or part-time employee and use a carpool, vanpool, or ride transit to commute to work this program will help you to get home for that unexpected event. The origin of your trip must fall in the areas served by  RideFinders (Richmond region) commuter assistance program.

If this describes you and your commute then you can request a ride home. It’s simple!! Not a member yet, JOIN NOW.

All commuters must be pre-registered prior to your request!  All rides must meet the requirements and you must agree to all of the Participation Guidelines.

You must have logged five trips of either carpool, vanpool, or transit in the last 30 days prior to your request, and have used an alternative commute on the day of your request. Logging your trips are easy when riding in a carpool, vanpool or transit by downloading the ConnectingVA and begin logging your trips.

The ConnectingVA Ride Home Reward program is available Monday through Friday between 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, excluding federal and state holidays. However, for unexpected overtime, you may schedule the trip prior to 5pm and be picked up no later than 10:00 pm.
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The ConnectingVA Ride Home Reward program is provided by the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT) in partnership with RideFinders.