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Be an air quality hero

Saving the Environment One Day at a Time.

Join Team RideFinders SM as air quality heroes and help save the environment! Commander CarpoolSM, Vanity VanpoolSM, Transit TitanSM, Ride RescuerSM, Mrs. MatchSM, The Cost CalculatorSM, Bike BoySM, and Telework TechSM are ordinary people, just like you, doing something extraordinary! They are committed to helping the environment and the air we breathe by ridesharing and encouraging others to do the same.

During the ozone season, which runs annually from April through October, Team RideFindersSM challenges you to unleash your inner hero and help them save Central Virginia by reducing the number of vehicles on the road and helping to reduce air pollution. Not only are you helping the region's air quality, but you can also save money on the cost of your commute, reduce vehicle wear and tear, and relieve commuting-related stress.

So do the extraordinary! Instead of driving alone, be an Air Quality Hero and carpool, vanpool, take transit, bike, walk, or telework this summer. Find me a carpool or vanpool match! CLICK here to stay up-to-date on program updates and news.

Request guest appearances of Air Quality heroes at your employer site.

Take the pledge! You can also take other small steps to incorporate real changes into your daily routine help save more money in your pocket, conserve energy, reduce waste and live healthier!

I WANT TO BE A CLEAN AIR CHAMPION! Yes, I want clean air brochures and posters for my company/organization.  Click here to download order form.

Ozone Action Days!
Team RideFindersSM also notifies area employers when a Code Red Ozone Action Day forecast has been issued by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality. Employees are then encouraged to share rides on days when air quality is expected to be in the "unhealthy" category.