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Bike Month is Here! It’s a Green Thing!

Bike month is here! Throughout May, join us as we celebrate bike month. Team RideFinders encourages you to get on your bike to burn calories, not gas. Now more than ever, it’s the perfect time to get outside and feel the freedom of riding your bike. Biking to work or to run errands such as a short grocery store trip or to the post office, when possible, helps reduce your carbon footprint by taking cars off the road. If you switch one car trip just once a day to a bike trip you can reduce your transportation carbon emissions by 67% according to research led by Christian Brand from the University of Oxford.

If you need to find a bike buddy, we've got you covered! CLICK HERE to register for free and find a buddy.  Registration is free and only takes a few minutes!  Biking is a form of a caring commute - it has 0 emissions - good for the environment and good for you.Get out, RIDE and record your bike commute trips on your trip calendar during the entire month of May.

You can also ride your bike and then get on a GRTC bus! Here's a great video to show you how to load and unload your bike when riding GRTC.

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