Caring Commutes

Telework is one of the best caring commutes because it eliminates your commute into the office. Teleworking not only helps the environment, but it also helps the community by providing an environment conducive to social distancing practices. Continuing to encourage telework, RideFinders, along with our partner, Agile Mile, proudly introduces Caring Commutes. Caring Commutes simply asks RideFinders commuters to record their telework days on their trip calendar every day that they work from home. When 500 telework days have been recorded, a $500 donation will be given to Feed More. 

"Teleworking is the best non-commute trip there is! We're excited to partner with Agile Mile to give back to the Central Virginia community with this unique opportunity," said RideFinders Executive Director, Von Tisdale, "Our clients are already recording their telework days so this provides an extra incentive for them to continue. It's a win-win." Participants can see the results of the efforts on the special events page.

Together, we can help our neighbors and make a difference in the Richmond region! We're in this together, and together, we'll get through this.

There is no cost to participate. Click here to login into your account or create a free account.