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Get Ready for the Commute Green Summer Challenge

RideFinders invites you to participate in our Commute Green Summer Challenge this July! The Commute Green Summer Challenge encourages YOU to carpool, take transit, vanpool, bike, walk or telework to help reduce traffic congestion and help air quality especially during the summer months! Participating is fun and easy. Simply login to your RideFinders account or register for free and record your greener trips from July 1st - 31st.

There will be weekly prize drawings for all participants AND at the end of the competition, a separate grand-prize drawing will be held for two new and existing RideFinders members!

When the challenge starts, post and let RVA know how green YOU commute! Be sure to share your greener trips by posting your photos and comments during the challenge on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram using #commutegreenandwin, #teamridefinders, and tag Team RideFinders (@teamridefinders)! You could win bragging rights and a special surprise for best posts and photos!