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Helping Employers Become Bike-Friendly Environments

May is National Bike Month. There are many reasons why employers should encourage their employees to bike- whether it’s biking to work or for exercise or simply to enjoy some fresh air. Biking is earth friendly, promotes health and wellness and helps the environment! Employers encouraging their employees to bike to work, especially during a time of uncertainty and when not all employees can telework, is important.

Employers can contact transportation demand management agencies, like RideFinders, to assist in establishing a bike program at an employer site. We can help an employer assess their worksite including the following questions to consider- does your company offer commuter tax benefit for bicycle commuters, does your company have a secure place for bike storage, does your company provide assistance toward an employee's purchase of a bicycle or bicycling-related equipment and does your company have an onsite shower or access to shower facilities for employers who bike to work.

If any employer is not ready to start a bike program, a company can support a bike-friendly environment by promoting and encouraging employees to participate in local Bike Month activities, such as RideFinders bike challenge. The bike challenge is designed to encourage participants to record their bike trips on a personalized trip calendar.

Biking strengthens your heart, lungs and muscles, eases stress, helps reduce health issues associated with a sedentary lifestyle and is a low-impact form of exercise for all ages that is earth friendly! Employers know that by promoting the physical health of its employees they are making an investment into their overall well being and goes a long way to attracting and retaining a diverse workforce.

Contact RideFinders today at 804-643-7433 and ask to speak to one of our Account Executives.

Biking is a great way to celebrate Earth Day, EVERY DAY!