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It’s A Green Thing: Celebrate Earth Month with Team RideFinders

All month Team RideFinders will celebrate Earth Month and Earth Day on April 22, 2021. From using reusable shopping bags, biking to run small errands, teleworking or recycling and reusing items to energy conservation, we’re going to share tips, factoids and small ways that you can do your part to help the Earth!  Join us as we celebrate Mother Earth to officially launch our Clean Air Campaign and get ready for our inaugural It’s a Green Thing Earth Week- April 19 – April 23, 2021! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

It’s A Green Thing Earth Week (April 19-April 23, 2021):

Monday, April 19, 2021 – Recycle Right
Did you know that recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions equal to taking 5 million cars off the road? Recycling has many benefits. Learn what items are recyclable and what items are not.

Recycle Right Engagement Action: Share a photo of how you recycle right and use #itsagreenthing2021! Tag Us!

Tuesday, April 20, 2021- Telework Tuesday
Telework allows for enhanced “green” business practices with fewer cars on the road. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, more businesses and organizations are allowing its employees to telework. Teleworking is one form of a caring commute because it’s 0 emissions!

Telework Tuesday Engagement Action: Share a photo of your telework space, home office or you teleworking and use #itsagreenthing2021! Tag Us!

Wednesday, April 21, 2021 – Walk or Wheel Wednesday
Reducing traffic by choosing to walk or bike can help reduce greenhouse gases which help to trap warmer temperatures inside of the Earth’s atmosphere.  Biking and walking have great health benefits and are also 0 emissions.

Walk or Wheel Wednesday Engagement Action: Share a photo of you walking or biking or a bike selfie and use #itsagreenthing2021! Tag Us!

Thursday, April 22, 2021 – Think About It Thursday (Earth Day)
As we celebrate Earth Day, let’s think about all the ways we can help Mother Earth and put those thoughts into action. Take reusable bags when you go to the grocery store or when shopping.  Turn off lights when not in use to conserve energy.  Avoid single-use, disposable products when you can. Small daily actions can have a lasting impact on the environment.

Think About It Thursday Engagement Action: Share a photo of how you’re celebrating Earth Day and use #itsagreenthing2021! Tag Us!

Friday, April 23, 2021- Plant Party
A study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology found that plants in your home or office can make you feel more comfortable, soothed, and natural. There's an easy-care houseplant for just about everyone. Before you bring a new plant home where kids or pets could get hold of it, check a reliable source to be sure it’s safe.

Plant Party Engagement Action: Share a photo of your plants (the more the better) and use #itsagreenthing2021! Tag Us!