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RideFinders Wins Best Grassroots Marketing Campaign

Recently, RideFinders won the Best Grassroots Marketing Campaign from the Chesapeake Chapter of the Association of Commuter Transportation (ACT) for the "It's A Green Thing" Campaign. This award recognizes an organization that used little to no money to implement a grassroots marketing campaign. RideFinders' campaign focused on creating awareness of free employer services, encouraging the business community and commuters to utilize “caring commutes” (basic commuting safety guidelines) during the pandemic recovery, increasing education of air quality awareness, encouraging “green” environmental actions such as recycling, and increasing the awareness of the impact of RideFinders in the Central Virginia region.

The campaign yielded the following results:

  • Garnered 32,018 organic social media impressions.
  • Secured 217 total air quality awareness pledges.
  • Generated 1,471 video views.
  • Distributed 462 air quality awareness fact sheets via download and email.
  • Secured 684 page views for Improve Your Environment webpages related to air quality
  • Generated more 10 uses of the #itsagreenthing2021 hashtag through online conversations.

Less than $225 in costs were used which included a monthly subscription for a design app tool, supplies, and costs to ship prizes to pledge winners. There were no paid advertising boosts, no newspaper ads, radio ads, etc. The campaign simply utilized social media platforms, word-of-mouth, YouTube, the company website, email and database communications, and outreach.