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Third Installment of Mistletoe Commute

Impromptu hot chocolate runs and evening brainstorming sessions about the best way to keep traffic flowing and ensuring a seamless path for pedestrians to her family’s flower shop, Addison rediscovers her passion for creativity and the joy of connecting with people. Addison and Owen find themselves drawing closer, their laughter and easy banter becoming the highlight of their shared car rides.

Amidst plotting traffic concerns, Owen realizes that he hasn’t communicated the city’s ultimate plan is to close the street near the flower shop which could divert foot traffic and spell disaster for her family’s business. He knows Addison has found herself thriving in her element and wants to support her ideas, but will the city listen?  With Christmas just around the corner, amidst the warmth of the season, will Addison and Owen grow even closer, or will the magic between them disappear? Stay tuned for the final installment….

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