Team RideFinders May Recap

We're here for you! Fron Bike to Work Week to regional transportation meetings to community partnerships, here are a few highlights from our activities as we continue serving the Central Virginia region:
• 10,446 Active Clients
• 188 Transit Trips Recorded - CLICK HERE to record your trips.
• 487 Telework Days Recorded - CLICK HERE to record your trips.
• $20,675 in Commuting Costs Saved
• Celebrated Bike Month, Bike to Work Week and Bike to Work Day
• Recognized Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Week

Remember to record your "greener" - transit, telework, bike, carpool, vanpool -  so we can continue to show the environmental impact on the region. CLICK here to start recording your trips.

Music from Videoshop. *We do not own the rights to this music.